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Helping You Help Your Pet

Private in-home training



If your dog needs help with a

specific physical or behavioral issue,

Private Training with 4 Paws K9 Training may be a great option for you.

Sessions can be done at your home

or a place of your choosing. 

When you live a busy life, it is hard to

consistently provide the

attention and training

that your dogs can demand.

With many satisfied owners and their

beloved dogs, you can rely on us to

develop a plan that will work with your

schedule as well as address your

individual dogs needs.


We offer free evaluations!

Booking Availability

We work 7 days per week to accommodate almost all schedules.

Monday 8-3pm & 5-8pm

Tuesday 8-3pm & 5-8pm

Wednesday 8-3pm & 5-8pm

Thursday 8-3pm & 5-8pm

Friday 8-3pm & 5-8pm

Saturday 8-3pm

Sunday 10-4pm

Private in-home training rates

me duncan.jpg


All fees must be paid in full prior to training.

'Cancellations & No Shows'

When the client is not available at the scheduled appointment or if appointment is cancelled less than 12 hours before scheduled time,

we reserve the right to charge a $20 rescheduling fee for loss of revenue.

We accept all major Credit Cards, Venmo, Paypal and Cash

If paying by credit card unfortunately we must charge a 3% processing fee imposed on us by the bank

Private in-home training
Kent, Providence
Washington County


Package Price

saves money

 Package of 6 - 1 hour lessons $540


Individual hourly rate $100 hr

Private in-home training
Newport County

Package Price

saves money


Package of 6 - 1 hour lessons $630


Individual hourly rate $110 hr


Does your dog experience the following

If so we can help.

Golden Dog

Does your dog?

Embarrass you in public?

Does not listen?

Drag you down the street on walks?

React aggressively towards other dogs or people?

steal food, counter surf, and/or eat and chew things they shouldn't?


We can help

We will teach your dog

Sit, down, heel

Leash manners

Place, recall, stay

Potty training

Threshold training

and much more.....

Puppy Chin Scratch


Reactivity can be tricky and will lead to an aggressive dog if not careful

When dealing with aggression and behavior issues, dog can become unpredictable and can act out in places we don't want

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